Update #4

How's it going, everyone? DiamondDust132 back with another dev update. Good news! The next demo of Passion high (that is to say version 2.0) is nearly complete! The game has pretty much been remade from scratch, with all sorts of fun choices and routes to hop on. I'm really looking forward to having you guys try it out! I can't give you an exact ETA because I don't want to promise something and then miss the deadline. However, I just have to put the finishing touches on one last route, so Passion High 2.0 should be here in the next couple of weeks! Thanks again to everyone that's been playing version 1.0, and stay tuned for further updates! The game is coming along slowly, but surely. Team Requiem's artist, Nyx, is hard as work as we speak on custom sprites. While they won't be in Passion High 2.0 unfortunately, I'm hoping to use them for any future releases.

Attached are some screenshots from the new version to give you an idea s to what I've been cooking up! I hope you enjoy! I'll keep working on the gam


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