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Hi, I really enjoyed the demo, and I was wondering if there are any kind of updates, or news, since the last comment is about a year old. Great work so far, I hope to see more of it in the future!


I know the game still has a long way to go before it's ready, but I honestly can't wait for the release. :) It's going to be amazing. 

Will this be android supported soon?

Hi. Android and/or iOS support will likely come when the game is further along.

Will Aya Furano be part of the love interests? I really, really want to take her route if so.

Her route is in 2.0 right now if that's what you are asking, though it's a bit complicated to get there.

Will there be an update soon? Not speaking about a new demo, but just a quick mini summary of how everything is going.


Will do. We know it's been quite awhile since the last update. Expect something in the next few days, if not sooner. 


Sorry but I'm interested to know if Hikaru sensei is an option as a love interest?


She will be in the next release, yes.



she's the best

Do you have a kind of route map?

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Working on one for the current version, though stuff might change in later versions that would make it invalid.


Just to be clear (as we are getting a lot of questions about this) there are four routes you can play in Passion High 2.0. Depending on the choices you make, the game may default to Fumi's route, but you can get on the other girls' routes if you make the right decisions! Please experiment.

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Just played Version 1.0. Gotta say the game is really interesting, I wish there was more publicity for it. Have you considered making a page in steam for it? I don't know how it works exactly, but it might grab more attention, and the game is really good. I honestly can't wait for the next update.

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. We were for sure thinking about doing something like that once we can at least get the original art in the game and/or the next version. Right now, we're not too concerned with attention as the most we have right now is a tiny demo. 

So how many girls can you romance? Sorry for bugging.


Not bugging at all.  As of right now, there are four girls and one guy you can romance. This number is probably going to go up as we one day reach the final build.

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Great! Thanks for letting me know!